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We at Freedomland Christian Academy are dedicated to preparing our Kissimmee high school students to the realities they will face once they graduate.  We believe in preparing each student not only for the educational challenges, but also for the real world/everyday life challenges they will face upon graduating.

In our private high school in Kissimmee we use the curriculum called Ignitia for our High school students.  This curriculum is provided through Alpha and Omega Academy.  This is a web based curriculum designed to develop students with their reasoning, research and critical thinking skills.  The onsite teacher acts like a tutor helping students individually based on their specific needs.  The beauty of this system is that a student may message the teacher at any time (day or night) and receive a timely response.  The Ignitia curriculum has over 100 classes for the students to choose from including Advanced Placement (AP) courses for students who would welcome the challenge.

One of the many advantages of the curriculum, in our high school in Kissimmee, is that the student is able to work at their own pace.  Yes, they need to complete all of their work in order to receive the credit for the class, but if they do it faster or slower it’s up to them.  Many students that transfer into our Kissimmee private high school from other schools are able to “make up” credits at a faster pace.

Aside from the electives provided through the system, students also have onsite elective such as Physical Education, Art, Music and Karate.  That way students are also able to socialize with each other in a traditional style learning classroom.

We also help our Kissimmee high school students with finding scholarships, filling out their financial aid application, college applications, etc.  This is done on an individual basis depending on the need of the student.

The following requirements are legislated by the Florida Department of Education in order for a student to receive a high school degree:

Kissimmee Private High School Course Distribution Requirements:

English: All students are required to have 4.0 credits in English to graduate.

Mathematics: All students must have 4.0 credits in mathematics to graduate. The minimum requirements include Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II. Some students may begin ninth grade enrolled in Geometry. For these students the minimum may also include Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry or Pre Calculus. AP Calculus A, AP Physics.

Social Sciences: All students must have 3.0 credits in social science courses to graduate. These include courses in history, economics, geography and government. AP US History, AP World History, AP European History, AP Government.

Foreign Language: All students must have 2.0 credits of a foreign language in order to graduate. Some students may begin ninth grade enrolled in a second year of a language.

Science: All students must have 3.0 credits of science courses to graduate.

Physical Education: All students must have 1.0 credit in Physical Education*.
* 0.5 Personal Fitness (which students may test out of by passing a Physical Education fitness test); 0.5 Credits in a PE elective.

Fine Arts: All students must have 1.0 credit in an art elective.
Electives:  All students must have 7.0 credits in electives.
For more Information about our Private High School in Kissimmee please contact us at 407- 935-9088.  God bless.

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